Viano Lawn Boost 10kg


Lawn Boost - Organic Lawn Fertiliser for lawns with NO Moss

Lawn Boost is an organic based long lasting fertiliser with added magnesium and iron which gives your lawn a good, strong green colour after a successful application.

One of the main benefits of applying lawn boost is it stimulates healthy growth in the grass plant and helps to protect it from disease and drought.

Lawn Boost is the ideal treatment to give your lawn a quick start after the winter weather and to keep it healthy throughout the growing season.

Being organic based, Lawn Boost will NOT scorch your lawn when applied correctly, even if it doesn't rain. That said, it does need rain or irrigation to activate it so water your lawn if it hasn't rained within a week of application

Lawn Boost Benefits

  • Greens and thickens your lawn in days
  • Produces good drought resistance
  • Will feed your lawn for 100 days
  • Safe for Pets and Children
  • Natural occuring bacteria converts thatch in to plant food

An application of lawn boost in the early spring will give your lawn a fantastic start to the year however, if you do have an issue with Moss, please apply MO Bacter first before giving it an application of lawn boost

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