Viano Bio Lime Lawn Fertiliser 5kg


As your lawn grows it takes up nutrients from the soil. A natural process which normally leads to a reduction in pH, i.e. the soil becomes more acid.

At the same time rain, which usually contains acid (acid rain), falls on the lawn increasing its acidity and washes out the lime. As a lawn becomes more acidic it creates an unhealthy environment for grass.

The soil locks up nutrients and tends to become stagnant and sour. No matter how much fertiliser and irrigation you apply, your lawn will not respond well and unfortunately this is just the right environment for moss to thrive. So it is no wonder that many of our lawns suffer from moss invasion.

Bio-Lime is a lawn fertiliser ideal Spring or Autumn fertiliser for combating a low Ph. It sweetens the soil making it less acid and encourages healthy strong grass growth.

Bio-Lime also contains healthy bacteria which eats thatch and dead moss eliminating the need to rake or scarify. Finally, it contains magnesium which creates a green healthy sward and helps maintain a strong colour throughout the winter months.

Bio-Lime is supplied in granular form 5kg box covers 100 sq mtrs. 

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