Having regularly maintained trees is important if you're house proud. Not only does it look great alone, it really improves the overall appearance of your garden. Why not book a tree trim & shape today!

Tree Cutting 

We offer tree Cutting services in the Stourbridge and the surrounding areas. We are highly experienced in cutting small trees such as Cherry, Silver Birch, Apple, Rowan etc. We help our customers keep their trees looking neat and tidy year round by using the best equipment to get a professional cut. We can help you plan and achieve a one-off tidy up, or include it in our very popular garden maintenance schedule.

Why trim your trees?

It's important to keep your trees trimmed. This is done for many reasons such as keeping them under control, maintaining it nice and thick and, of course, for neatness. Regular cutting helps to prevent it shading any plants that are below it, so you don't lose any low growing plants. 


How we trim your trees?

We are highly skilled in cutting & trimming trees. Each tree is different and depending on the type of tree you have will affect the way we cut it. But with our specialised techniques, we will be able to help and advise you.


Secret Gardening cover areas such has: Stourbridge area and starts from £60.


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