Scarification removes the thatch layer, organic matter and debris between the lower leaf level of the lawn.


Scarification is not designed to remove all the moss from a lawn. However, scarifying will remove moss to a certain extent. The action of the scarifier will loosen moss, and during the process and for a few days afterwards, it will allow it to come to the surface.


The removal of thatch build-up is the main objective of scarification. The removal of this layer helps to reduce the build-up of moss in a lawn, therefore helping the lawn to recover to it’s peek condition. By avoiding scarification, it allows the thatch and debris level to increase, which lead to further problems. Thatch and moss-infested lawns are not very drought tolerant for example.


The best time to scarify your lawn partly depends on the time of year. This will ensure that the process works as effectively as possible. A light scarification can be beneficial during good growing conditions in the summer. However some lawns, particularly fine lawns may need scarifying twice within a twelve month period, to allow the lawn to recover back to full heath.


Spring time on-wards is the best time to have your lawn scarified as the lawn will recover much more quickly when it starts to grow. Autumn is also acceptable as the lawn will still grow at a quick enough rate to fully recover.


You should not have your lawn scarified in the winter season as grass almost completely stops growing at this time of year, meaning it can take months to recover back to good health. Lawns can take longer to recover when the tempertaure suddenly plummets. Due to the slow recovery process in winter months, your lawn could also become very muddy. Any frost that is likely due will also have a significant impact on your lawns recovery.


Similarly, lawn scarification should not be completed in drought conditions either as grass can become very stressed during these periods.


Prices from £20 per Scarification

Cost Per Treatment

Lawn Area Aerated


60 sq m


140 sq m


180 sq m


240 sq m


290 sq m


390 sq m


450 sq m


750 sq m


1050 sq m


1250 sq m