Mowing the lawn is something of a chore to most people, but not us. We view lawn mowing as a blend of art and science, to be practiced to perfection. 


Every garden is unique, which is why we custom tailor our approach to best meet the specific needs of your lawn. Our unique lawn mowing approach takes into account variables like grass variety, varying mowing patterns, weed proliferation, and ideal cut height. 


Did you know that it is best to leave your grass a little on the long side? Mowing your grass too short can result in stress, bald spots, and greater weed proliferation. Cutting your lawn at the right height will also allow it to grow deeper roots which require less watering. This will have positive effects on both the environment, and your wallet.


Why not use Secret Gardening to bring out the best out of your lawn with a strip and help keep your work to a minimum. Weekly mowing encourages thicker growth, the development of fine grasses, eliminates coarse grasses, and deters flowering and seeding of weeds. Trimming around the lawn gives a sharp edge (we don't use strimmers) that is pleasing to the eye.


Price £15 per hour