Hedgelaying is a traditional method of hedgerow management to make a living stockproof barrier against sheep and cattle. We undertake the work during winter when the sap is down, the hedgerow is first trimmed back. Next, each bush is partially cut through at the base. This allows the stem to be bent over, whilst still attached, and supported by stakes hammered into the ground. This process is repeated making a dense barrier about 4 feet high which, because each stem is still attached, springs into leaf come April.


Hedgelaying has traditional regional styles and we lay Derbyshire and Staffordshire; Derbyshire & Midlands styles which have binders on top. We operate across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Staffordshire and West Midlands.

We are able to lay and restore the majority of hedges we encounter and can advise on and undertake any additional work that may be required. We are able to completely regenerate neglected hedgerows carrying out any gapping up, re-planting and coppicing that may be necessary, as well as bank restoration and ditch clearence.



Each hedge differs widely and prices can vary from £10.00 to £30.00 a metre including VAT. We will carry out a survey and provide a Free quotation. 


Please contact me David Ward to arrange your Free Quote today!